North Cannon Garage

1640 Cannon Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Visitor Access

   24/7 Access

CampusParc Keycard Access

   24/7 Access
             Permit-Specific Access Information

30 Minutes       =  $1.50      
1 Hour       =  $3.25
2 Hours       =  $5.25
3 Hours       =  $7.50
4 Hours       =  $9.50
5+ Hours       =  $10.50
Off-Peak Max       =  $6.25
Lost Ticket Fee         =       $26.50
Off-Peak Max: 6:00 p.m. - Midnight Weekdays, All Day Weekends
Rates Reset Daily at Midnight




This garage is equipped with a Pay-on-Foot machine that is located in the ground-floor elevator lobby. Take your ticket with you when you leave the garage, and stop at the Pay-on-Foot station on your way back to your vehicle. Pay your parking fees, and use the paid ticket at any exit lane. Pay-on-Foot machines accept cash, coins, vouchers, debit cards, and credit cards.

Lost Parking Tickets

If you have lost your parking ticket, press the lost-ticket button on the payment machine.


Receipts for paid parking are offered from the payment machine at the time of payment.  If a receipt is not printed, you can email with the time, date, garage location, and amount charged to receive a copy of your receipt via email.





Nearby Points of Interest

Dorothy Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, College of Pharmacy, Biological Sciences Building

Parking Discounts for Patients and Their Visitors

A reduced-rate parking pass is available for patients and their visitors parking in the SafeAuto Hospitals, 12th Avenue, 9th Avenue East, and North Cannon Garages. This pass allows you to park for $2 per exit or for each day you remain parked in the garage. You must use a new pass each time you exit. Parking discount cards are available at registration or at any information desk. After 10:30 p.m., they are available at the Emergency Department Information Desk.

How to Use a Discount Parking Voucher